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Why I am running:

As we place students and teachers in the position to be creative, we create the opportunity for innovation.

Our 6th district students, actually all RPS students, deserve every opportunity to be the best that they can

be. We must replace old methodologies, that no longer serve the new young minds of our children, and

replace them with 21st century learning models. We need the kind of learning that prepares our children

for a future where they can be more competitive and challenged. They deserve the kind of learning that

promotes their scholastic experience as an enjoyable, stimulating and educational environment . As an

elected school board leader, I will be the catalyst for innovative learning. This is the type of learning that will place our children, strategically, in position to overcome any obstacles on their path.


Richmond needs to get ready for change, and that change is, Timika Vincent for 6th District School Board!

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